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If Someone Is Lying To You, They’ll Surely Use One Of These 5 Phrases, Latest Study Shows


If Someone Is Lying To You, They’ll Surely Use One Of These 5 Phrases, Latest Study Shows

However, the Psychological Institute of Michigan, recently did a research which shows clear pattern of what kind of words or phrases are being used when someone lies.  So the next time you have doubts about whether someone is telling you the truth or not, pay attention to their vocabulary. These are some of the popular phrases.

  1. “I don’t want to talk about it”

Someone who’s lying will do whatever it takes to escape a conversation quickly. Pamela Meyer, author of Liespotting: Proven Techniques to Detect Deception, says that if you want to put a liar on blast change the topic, he or she will follow you the flow happily.

  1. “I didn’t…”

To convince you, a person who’s not saying the truth will be in denial when trying to explain something: “I didn’t do that…I don’t understand why you think that.” According to Meyer, “further emphasis on denial is not necessary if someone is telling the truth.”

  1. “How can you accuse me that way?”

The intention of the person who uses it is that you feel the need to justify your accusation, and you will, especially if it’s someone you care about. Meanwhile, the person will have time to elaborate on their lie.

  1. “I don’t remember doing that”

People who lie a lot claim that they have problems remembering things to justify themselves and not tell the truth. But if they truly can’t remember, they will at least make the effort to remember. A liar will not even make the intent to remember.

  1. “In fact…”

The person who uses phrases such as “Truthfully,” “honestly,” and “I swear,” are usually trying to convince you that they are not lying. “When people use these statements to emphasize their honesty, there is a high probability that something is hidden,” says Meyer.

Consider these phrases next time you talk to someone and have doubts if whether they are lying or not. But overall, trust your instincts. Don’t think with your heart, think with your head.

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