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In these 4 stores, toilet paper purchase limitations will be applied again!


In these 4 stores, toilet paper purchase limitations will be applied again!

If someone asks you how is it going in America right now, simply point your finger to the closest supermarket. Take a look at the household essentials aisle and you will get the idea.

An empty toilet paper section can mean one of two things: panic hoarding, which signals a vote of no confidence in our collective stability, or supply chain issues brought on by COVID. Neither is a good sign. That’s why it should be no surprise that this week—with the record shattering spread of coronavirus—some stores are reinstating new limitations on how much toilet paper each customer can buy, USA Today reports.

This was common enough back in March when the pandemic first struck, but tensions had since eased and supply chains were reinstated over the months that followed. Now, four stores are bracing their inventory for uncertainty and more interruptions ahead. Read on to find out which shops are placing restrictions on how much toilet paper you can buy, and to find out which items may quickly become scarce, check out these 4 Products That Are Flying Off the Shelves as COVID Surges.


In a statement to USA Today, Ohio-headquartered grocery chain Kroger said that as of Monday, they have “proactively and temporarily set purchase limits to two per customer” on household items such as toilet paper, paper towels, disinfecting wipes and hand soap.


Texas based grocery chain H-E-B, which operates more than 400 stores across the state, has set new limits on the sale of toilet paper and paper towels as of Oct. 31. Ten days prior to this announcement on their website, they also placed restrictions on disinfecting wipes.

The Giant Co.

On Oct. 29, grocery chain The Giant Co. announced that it would limit customers to “buying one bundle of toilet paper and paper towels six rolls or larger and up to four single rolls or 4-roll packs of toilet paper and paper towels,” according to USA Today. “To be clear, we are seeing little evidence of stockpiling, and there is no need to create panic,” the company said. They attributed their decision to a strained supply chain.


Wegmans, a beloved supermarket chain based in Rochester, New York, has had sale restrictions on home paper products since May. They currently have no plans to ease those restrictions, which largely limit the sale of toilet paper to one order per customer.

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